Everybody has their own sense of style and aesthetics, so clients are involved throughout the design process to ensure the project fits their ideals precisely. Paper drawings, digital drawings and 3D models can be produced to fit requirements.

Each design is inspired by its environment to blend in or enhance it as required. Every creation is robust and lifelong as a standalone object or will extend the lifespan of the structures it assists.

Details are fundamental to design. Each gate, chair, staircase or candlestick will be constructed and crafted with strength and beauty in mind; the decision to rivet, weld or traditionally pin is conscious and considered, creating an attractive and robust final piece.

CAD drawing of a gate by Blue Jay Metal Crafts
Replacement hinge for wrought iron gates

Conservation & Restoration

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and the National heritage Ironwork Group have set out guidelines for conservation and restoration of historic buildings and ironwork. We retain as much of the original material as possible, only replacing parts that are missing or unusable.

Where ironwork is to be updated for a new use, such as old gates converted for restoration, we will always build on the original to retain the structure, soul and story of the original.


Ironwork can be fitted to most footings such as stone, wood, brick concrete and more using traditional lead, modern resin fixings and mechanical fastenings to ensure a sturdy fitting which will resist all weathering.

Interior installations are carried out with the utmost care to cause minimal disruption.

Private gate after installation
Example of steel garden lawn edging

Metal Lawn Edging

Metal lawn edging is shaped and installed onsite with 5mm thick steel to provide a long lasting edge which will long out-perform wooden edging and improve upon the appearance of concrete edging. Metal edging can be laid accurately to any shape, including acute bends and long sweeping curves. Onsite welding ensures seamless joins in the edging, adding lawns a neat and precise finishing touch.