Blue Jay Metal Crafts and operated by Jeremy Cash A former Journeyman of the Prince’s Foundations Building Crafts program, which is a Traditional skills journeymanship with a focus on cross trade learning. Here Jeremy had the opportunity to work for some of the premier architectural forges in the country. 

Jeremy was marine engineer who has trained on Hereford College’s Design and Forgework Skills course one of the premier traditional blacksmithing courses in the UK which has been running for 40 years. 

Jeremy has chosen to set Blue Jay Metal crafts up in Cornwall with the aim of promoting traditional crafts by offering training opportunities as well as working with other craftspeople on projects in the local area.


Using Electrical heating processes in conjunction with green energy suppliers the traditionally carbon heavy process of forming metal much more environmentally friendly. Renewable forge fuels such as charcoal and fuel corn help prevent the release of trapped carbon into the atmosphere. Where requested and where feasible projects can be done from recycled materials to reduce the overall impact of the fabrication process.